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Draught Beer Services


Main Street Beverage Draught Beer Services is a professional independent installation, service and maintenance draught beer company that cares about the quality of your draught beer system and the product you serve. Conveniently located in Huntingdon Valley, PA, we are able to quickly and efficiently service the entire Delaware Valley / Tri-State area. Our vision and mission is to provide draught beer retailers the tools and expertise needed to maximize their profits through our draught beer services and quality certification program.


We take great pride in helping retailers provide perfect quality draught beer each and every pour. We offer a full range of services to handle all of your draught beer needs. From new draught beer system design and installation, old system rebuilds, service & repairs to line cleaning and quality certification.

Call us today to schedule your no obligation draught system analysis. Our draught experts will inspect your beer system and make sure your system is working to it fullest potential and you are maximizing your profits.


Upon completion of our 25-Point System Analysis, your account will then become certified member of our "Perfect Draught Beer Quality Certification Program"Perfect Draught Beer is Our Vision and Mission!

Main Street is Proudly A Division of Multi-Flow Industries


Our MSB Draught Beer Technicians are Micro Matic Trained and Certified


Dwayne Schwarz - Vice President of National Sales


Steve Yates - Vice President of Service and Delivery


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